Popular AR-15 Reviews

Amazon by Michael Brown
May 30, 2021

“This book covers everything about the AR-15 platform!”

Great book. Very detailed with so many products. Walt Kuleck is one of the most knowledgeable people on the AR-15 platform. I’ve read this book three times.

by orion19588
Mar 23, 2016

“‘The New AR-15 Complete owner’s Guide’ Book.”

It gives you the history of the AR-15 and how it comes to be born. Then it gives you the info you need to know about the AR.

eBay by communications_…
Feb 02, 2016

“Full of information”

Great information with fine detail of the history of the AR-15.

Amazon by Jenny Wickersham Hall

August 10, 2018

“Very informative!”

Loved this guide. Well written, great illustrations, easy to follow…learned a lot about the nitty gritty details!
Amazon by James Shannon
January 23, 2015

“This is an in-depth study of the evolution of the AR-15”

Rock Island Rifle Model 1903

Everyone knows about the famous Springfield ’03.  From collectors to service rifle shooters to every 1950s deer camp uncle with a sporterised rifle.  But do you know all ‘03s are not Springfields?  The M1903 rifle was the primary U.S military rifle from 1903 through 1936 and remained in use in the early days of World War II.

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The Ruger 10/22: History & Design

Everything that Ruger learned about cost-effective manufacturing of quality products came together in the 10/22. For example, the complexity of  …

Mastering the Handgun:
A Tried-and-True Method

It is an established pattern. Every year, a new group of shooters comes along with an interest in firearms. Sometimes, the interest may be a function of the many shooting sports …

The Battle of Peleliu and Its Relics

By 1944, those installations posed a threat to the contemplated U.S. landings on Mindanao in the Philippines scheduled for later that year, so a decision was made to preempt the threat …