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Ruger BSR9

Today’s Thursday Day at the Range was, shall we say, both interesting and a bit humbling. After posting the “Five Best” 1911 targets below, this week’s targets weren’t nearly so impressive. That’s the humbling part. The interesting part is the contrast between this Ruger BSR9 (“B” for black slide) and the SR9 from a few weeks ago.

The recent SR9 shoot was somewhat disconcerting because the front sight decided to attempt a walkabout. Needless to say, the accuracy results were somewhat compromised by a sight attempting to escape its dovetail. While contemplating a remedy for that pistol, which has a stainless bare finish slide, I decided to break out another SR9, this one with a black slide. That’s the BSR9 shown here.

I had just finished a five-target series with a double-action-only auto pistol. While this DAO pistol’s trigger was actually quite smooth, the pull was long and heavy. Switching up to this BSR9, its relatively light and short trigger was a bit disconcerting, presenting a somewhat challenging adjustment. What’s really interesting, though, is the smoothness of the BSR9’s trigger compared to the early-production SR9* from that earlier Thursday Day at the Range. This contrast deserves further investigation; I have four SR9 variants available for testing; perhaps in the future, I’ll be able to do a “which is best?” comparison among them.

For now, I believe that this is one pistol whose trigger’s characteristics deserve further work to master the trigger. The SR9s feel light and narrow, more like a Model 1911 than one might expect. Perhaps that’s one reason I like them so and am willing to put in the effort to do better with this one.

*The usual protocol applies, 7 yards, unsupported standing Weaver, 115 grain FMJ, best of 5, 5-shot groups.
**Those who read the post on the SR9 may remember that it was a very early production example that was recalled by the factory for a fire control changeover.
***One of the other targets has a much tighter group, but with an embarrassing flyer.




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