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.30 Luger Ruger P89


This week’s Thursday Day at the Range includes a reshoot of the .30 Luger Ruger P89. If you recall from the earlier Thursday Day at the Range report, Ruger offered a .30 Luger conversion kit for the 9x19mm P89 pistol.

I was reminded at that time the Ruger actually offered a two-caliber version of the P89, the “P89X.” The .30 Luger barrel and recoil spring assembly had their own little recesses in the plastic pistol case. This particular setup was a separate kit, apparently offered by Ruger to use up extra .30 Luger ensembles.

Our previous experience with the ersatz P89X involved adapting a P89DC (decocking) slide to a P89. That setup did not do well. Oh, the targets were good enough, but accompanied by a myriad of failures to feed and failures to eject. None of this was Ruger’s fault, because the slide in question had been salvaged from a wrecked pistol found on an Interstate in Texas. Clearly, there was more damage than met the eye,

I really like shooting this pistol. Once one becomes accustomed to the trigger, which is really pretty good, the relative lack of muzzle rise makes the P89 a real softy. I only wish that .30 Luger ammo wasn’t so darn expensive! I’d sure like to get a .30 Luger pistol and shoot both it and the P89X often.

The usual protocol applies, seven yards, unsupported standing Weaver hold, 83-grain FMJ, best of five, five-shot targets.




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