The M1 Garand: World War II, Vol. 1 “Autographed”


By Scott A. Duff

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The M1 Garand: World War II, Volume 1– Covers the period of 1900 through September 1945, including information on Springfield Armory and Winchester Repeating Arms Co. M1  rifles.

The M1 Garand: World War II is written specifically for the Garand collector. Examined is development and production of the M1 rifle from conception through the closing days of World War II.  The first Garands, the Gas Trap rifles, are examined in detail, as are the reasons behind the conversion to a Gas Port system. Data sheets detailing five original Gas Trap rifles are presented.

The evolution of Springfield Armory produced Gas Port rifles are presented from the first deliveries in June 1940 through end of production in 1945. The changes are chronicled in Data Sheets detailing 36 original rifles. Photographs of many historically significant M1’s are included.

The activities of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company are examined in detail. Nineteen data sheets and photographs are presented to detail the evolution of this interesting variation. Analysis begins with the first production Winchester M1, serial number 100001, and concludes with details of rifles manufactured in June 1945, Winchester’s last month of production.

Month-end serial numbers for both manufacturers are displayed to allow the collector to determine when their rifle was produced. Monthly quantities delivered are presented in table form.

The individual components are described in detail. The variations of each part are examined and the period of their use is given. Photographs depicting changes to components assist the collector in identification of parts. These descriptions used in conjunction with the Data Sheets furnish the collector with the reference material necessary to identify original rifles or restore rifles to their original configuration. The last chapter provides detailed information on bayonets, slings, and cleaning kits issued with the M1 rifle.

This work is the conclusion of eight years of research reviewing and analyzing thousands of documents and photographs along with examination of many hundreds of rifles. The result; The M1 Garand: World War IIis the most comprehensive study of the World War II M1 rifle available to collectors.

During World War II the United States combat troops were armed with, as General Patton noted, “…the greatest battle implement ever devised”, the U.S. Rifle, Cal. .30, M1! No modern war has been fought in which the individual weapon of one combatant nation so out-classed those of their adversaries.


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