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Ruger GP100

This Thursday Day at the Range included the first revolver we’ve run in some time. We’ve had a long string of autopistols, thus I think it’s time to switch things up with a little wheel-gun action.
This week’s subject is a Wiley Clapp special edition 3″ Ruger GP100. The GP100 is Ruger’s heavy-duty medium frame .357 Magnum revolver. It replaced the much-loved Security-Six in much the way that S&W supplanted their K-Frames with the slightly stronger L-Frames.
Wiley Clapp, a long-respected handgunner, has been retained as a consultant by Ruger (and Colt) to recommend product enhancements. In the case of the GP100, a fiber optic front sight and Novak-style rear sight, a three-inch barrel, beveled cylinder (for easier holstering), oversize grips, and a matte stainless steel finish. The revolver balances very well.
Long-term readers of these reports may remember a Thursday Day with this GP some years ago. So, why the rematch? Hitherto, with a few exceptions, I have been shooting double action revolvers single action for these reports. In future, starting with this GP100, I’ll be shooting DA revolvers DA.
Speaking of double action, the DA on this GP doesn’t stack particularly, but it wants to stage. I found myself struggling a bit to pull straight through without staging. But when I did, the GP performed splendidly.
The results, particularly for someone who has shot primarily M1911s for over sixty years, speak for themselves. Seven yards, unsupported standing Weaver, best of five, five-shot groups.
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