The Ruger 10/22 Complete owners & Assembly guide

The Ruger 10/22 Complete Owner’s and Assembly Guide – How to select, configure, operate, maintain and upgrade your own Ruger 10/22 by Walt Kuleck.


This book is the latest volume in the Scott A. Duff Publications’ Guide series. The Ruger 10/22 Complete Owner’s and Assembly Guide is like the other Guides; its purpose is to give the new 10/22 owner a head start towards an in-depth understanding of the history, operation, maintenance, upgrading and use of his or her rifle, while providing the experienced owner knowledge that they don’t yet have, with the intent of giving even the expert new insights into the 10/22.

Before acquiring or enhancing your 10/22, have a plan. Set down the purpose of your rifle or carbine. Are you building for plinking? For hunting? Three-gun rimfire competition? The same considerations apply for changes or upgrades to your 10/22. It’s fine to build or change a 10/22 “just because.” But, consider the time and money you are going to invest in your 10/22, and if the change is truly meets your needs and wants. In the Guide we can’t tell you what you should do, but we can show you what you can do!!

You will find a great deal of detail on the history, selection, disassembly, assembly, maintenance, troubleshooting, magazines, upgrades and more. You will also gain an understanding of the principles involved in selecting upgrades, magazines, ammunition and more.

The Owner’s and Assembly Guide goes beyond the factory manual in both scope and depth. It’s a “must have” for every 10/22 owner! The Ruger 10/22 Complete Owner’s and Assembly Guide is 6″ x 9″, is Perfect bound with a laminated soft cover, and has 177 Pages and 395 Photographs, 20 in color. All copies are signed by Walt Kuleck!