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The AR-15 Complete Assembly Guide – Table of Contents

If you’re wondering whether this book has the information your looking for on the assembly of an AR-15, then look no further. This is the Table of Contents from Scott Duff’s The AR-15 Complete Assembly Guidewhich you can purchase on our site, along with the AR-15 Bundle.


Forward v

Preface vii

Chapter 1
The Purpose of this Book 1

Chapter 2
General Considerations 3

Chapter 3
Lower Receiver Assembly 5

Parts You’ll Need 6

Tools You’ll Need 7

Lower Receiver Preparation 8

Trigger Guard Assembly 9

Magazine Catch Assembly 11

Bolt Catch 15

Pivot Pin 18

Trigger Assembly 22

Hammer Assembly 28

Safety Selector 34

Critical Safety Checks 38

Buffer Tube Assembly 39

Buttstock Assembly 45

Collapsible and “Fixed Collapsible” Buttstock Assembly 58

Jewell Trigger Installation Supplement 65

Adjusting the Jewell Trigger 73

Chapter 4
Upper Receiver Assembly

Parts You’ll Need 78

Tools You’ll Need 79

Ejection Port Cover 80

Forward Assist Assembly 84

Rear Sight Assembly 86

Bolt Assembly 100

Bolt Carrier 106

Assembling the Bolt Carrier Group 108

Barrel Nut Assembly 113

Barrel Installation 116

Gas Tube Installation 124

Front Sight Post Installation 126

Installing the Bolt Carrier Assembly and Charging Handle 128

Checking Headspace 131

Installing a Float Tube 134

Chapter 5
Combining the Upper and Lower Receiver Assemblies

Combining “Standard” Upper and Lower Receiver Assemblies 141

Combining a “Standard” Upper to a “Large Pin” Lower Receiver 144

Read This Section Completely! 148

Enjoy Your Completed Rifle 150

Appendix: Useful Resources 151

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