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The M1 Garand: Post World War II Preface

The purpose of this book is to present accurate information to the collector of the M1 Rifle covering the period from 2 September 1945 through 30 June 1957. The primary subject will be the service grade weapon of this period. The National Match M1, Sniper Rifles, experimental weapons, and the Light Weight Rifle Program will be discussed briefly.

The three manufacturers who produced the M1 Rifle during this period, Springfield Armory, International Harvester Co., and Harrington & Richardson Arms Col, are covered. Springfield Armory is discussed in greater depth than the other two as there have been more records persevered by this government installation than by either of the two private concerns.

This volume is divided into two sections, Chapters One through Five are a historical narrative of the various activities and facilities of Springfield Armory. This section is based on a thorough study of the Armory’s semi-annual reports and other pertinent Armory documents. A careful reading of these five chapters is necessary in order to fully understand the M1 Rifle. A complete study of this rifle is not possible without an understand of the Armory as a whole. The two subjects can not be separated.

Chapters Six through Eight are for the collectors used in determining various aspects and specific details about this rifle. Chapter Six provides specific information regarding each manufacturer, and Barrel dates tied to serial numbers. Chapter Seven specifies the variations and descriptions of the individual parts which make up an M1 Rifle. And Chapter Eight furnishes the collector with exact information on specific rifles which will allow verification of a correct rifle or assist in a restoration project.

The closing chapter, Chapter Nine provides a view of the Armory and the Springfield, Massachusetts area which is not known to most of us who are not residents of that area, and who have not lived and worked in close proximity to the Armory.

All efforts have been made to make this work as complete and accurate as is possible at this time. I am certain that additional information from this period will surface, as it has on the pre-World War II and World War II period. Once again, my goal is to get as much information on John Garand’s rifle into the hands of my fellow collector as soon as possible.




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