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Rock Island Rifle Model 1903 – Table of Contents

It would be bemusing to find an arms collector or firearm enthusiast who was not familiar with the U.S. Rifle, Caliber, .30, Model of 1903. Developed by the Springfield Armory and adopted in 1903, the rifle is so closely associated with that venerable National Armory in Massachusetts that when someone refers to a “Springfield rifle,” it is almost axiomatic that they are referencing the M1903. It is sometimes forgotten, however, that another U.S. government ordnance facility also manufactured M1903 rifles from the time of the rifle’s adoption in 1903 until just after World War I.

Foreword v

Preface vii


Chapter Page

1 Rock Island Arsenal 1

2 First Production Period, 1904-1913 9

3 Early Alterations 41

4 World War One Era 65

5 Post-War Events 85

6 Barrel Date/Serial Number Correlation 97

7 Production Numbers 101

8 The 1919 National March Rifle 115

9 Final Inspectors 121

10 Bayonets 135

11 Leather Goods 143

12 Marksmanship Badges 149

13 Rock Island Arsenal Museum 155



Appendices 1 through 6 159

Bibliography 173

About the Author 177

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