Guam Garand Monograph

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    We Wish They Could Talk – Sometimes They Do (Part 1/2)

    Over the many decades I have been a collector and dealer of US martial arms, I have often heard fellow collectors say “I wish this rifle (or pistol) could talk.” Or “I wonder who carried it and where it has been.”  In a few very rare cases we have been able to answer at least part of those questions.  The 30 Guam Garands are one unique example.  These 30 M1 rifles were given to the Guam Security Patrol Force after the battle in 1944 and eventually ended up with the Guam Police Department.  In 1994 that Department wanted to update their inventory of small arms.  A trade was made with…

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  • Guam Garand Monograph

    Guam Garand Monograph

    Guam Garand Monograph – The full story of the Guam Garands is told along with 30 data sheets on these original circa 1944 M1 rifles. Don’t miss the opportunity to have data sheets on 30 verified World War II battle rifles. Introduction In all military conflicts, the price of an objective is paid with the lives of combatants.  Historically it has been considered that the force armed with superior weapons incurs fewer casualties and has a greater chance of victory.  For this reason tacticians and military historians have studied small arms for centuries.  As the appreciation for the development of small arms grew, and people began to accumulate these pieces…

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