US Infantry Weapons in Combat


By Mark G. Goodwin with foreword by Scott A. Duff

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US Infantry Weapons in Combat is a collection of personal experiences from World War II and Korea by Mark G. Goodwin with foreword by Scott A. Duff.

The first thing that the reader must know about this book is that it is a gun book. It is not simply war stories, but 65 interviews with soldiers and Marines specifically relating their experiences with the US infantry weapons in combat during World War II and in the Korean War.

The differing opinions of these men are fascinating. One man loved the M1 rifle and hated the M1 carbine while the next loved the M1 carbine and hated the M1 rifle. Based upon his personal experiences each man had his own opinion on the weapons that he had used during these wars and relates those observations to the reader. So much of what we collectors and history buffs think we know about the use of US infantry weapons in combat has been derived from two sources: movies and books.

“Some movies, like “Band of Brothers” are very accurate, others are not. The general history books of these wars rarely contain the in-depth details of infantry weapons that would be of interest to collectors. The stories about US infantry weapons contained in this book are the real hands-on experiences of the men who actually used them for their intended purposes. Once I began reading these interviews, I could not put the manuscript down.” – Scott A. Duff


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